Since 2011, the North Carolina General Assembly has methodically dismantled important clean water safeguards to benefit big polluters. At the same time, the Assembly has attacked the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the agency charged with keeping our air and water clean. The Assembly drastically cut funding to DEQ and broke apart its various divisions, leaving the agency unable to effectively respond to environmental crises. Now, many communities in North Carolina are facing the scary reality that there are dangerous chemicals in their drinking water.

Tell your legislators to restore clean water protections and provide DEQ with the funds and staff to keep GenX and other contaminants out of our water.
Email here or call 919-733-4111.

It is time for our legislators to fight for people, not polluters. When corporations are allowed to dump chemicals into our drinking water without proving they are safe, they put our health at risk. To protect us, our lawmakers should require polluters to follow The Precautionary Principle, the theory that if an action could harm the public or the environment, and there is not scientific consensus that the action or policy is not harmful, the company must first prove it is safe before taking that action.


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